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Category: SHOWER CREAM GEL Exfoliating and Toning with Carrot extract.


TYPE OF SKIN: Suitable for all skin types.


PATRICIA REYNIER’s Shower Cream Gel is a cleaning formula including the best plants extracts and the Carrot extract, specially designed for the black and mixed skins. This very effective and natural 100% complex, allows, every use with its micro particles, to renew your skin daily in the elimination of its dead cells and to fight against the unsightly spots due to the ageing, the sun, the insect bites, pregnancy and abuse of medecines. The Carrot extract, very rich in Vitamin A and E, contributes to feed your in depth skin, while protecting its lipidic coat, and conferring it an exceptional sweetness.


Instructions of use:

Having wet the skin, having lathered up the shower cream gel by circular movements on all the body, having rinsed carefully and having dried. The skin is now perfectly clean and ready to receive the treatment cares of the range PATRICIA REYNIER.


Important: Avoid contact with eyes.


Size: 16.9 fl.oz. 


  • 33.00$

Tags: SHOWER CREAM GEL Exfoliating and Toning with Carrot extract.

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